Who we are

Here at EcoGo, we are dedicated to designing, prototyping and manufacturing highly energy-efficient electric wheel hub motors and associated controllers for mobility applications.

Or in other words, we make little wheel motors to help people move around much more easily.

What we do

Our fractional horsepower wheel hub motors are based on brushless permanent magnet axial flux technology (try saying that after a glass of shandy or two!).

Our particular motor technology works best where the available space limits the length of the motor, so we’ve invested plenty of time in research and development to increase performance while at the same time, decreasing the size of the motor itself.

On our journey we have found answers to several major engineering obstacles which now allows us offer extremely cost-efficient assembly (which we have protected with a robust patent application).

So as a result of our hard work, we’ve become world-leaders in the design and manufacture of fractional horsepower axial flux motors.

Why we do it

We make wheel hub motors based on brushless permanent magnet axial flux technology. That all sounds pretty complex... but it’s quite simple to understand the long-term benefits of our little motors:

Small, quiet, efficient, eco-friendly & entirely custom-made for your needs

Unlike radial flux wheel hub motors, we can manufacture lighter, smaller and more energy-efficient motors – as the axial flux design uses almost all of the available space, allowing a high fill factor of the copper coil windings.

Our motors can also be manufactured in very low volumes with low tooling costs, enjoy low service costs, be easily integrated and programmable, and offer enviable reliability and longevity to your customers.