CompactCaddy design and manufacture premium quality golf trolleys, and after building over 20 years experience in the field – they decided to improve their power assisted equipment.

By integrating EcoGo’s small electric wheel motors, CompactCaddy were able to incorporate automatic braking and energy recovery, and increase overall drive train efficiency by 50%.

Reducing size and cost

We reduced the size of the required Lithium-Ion battery pack, leading to an immediate cost saving, which lead to a reduction in the cost of battery charging over the life time of the product too.

And integrating our motorised wheels also allows for near-silent running, optimised weight distribution (a more stable golf trolley) and the opportunity to hide the motors from view.

Pulling its weight

CompactCaddy opted for a sensor-controlled direct drive design, and as a result, even on steep hills and with a high load – the motorised caddy responds immediately on startup and unit costs are kept low as no gearbox is required.

Depending on the requirements of the product, our motors can be used with or without planetary gearboxes, and in instances where startup speed and torque requirements are less onerous, sensorless designs are also available.